I recognise the fantastic creativity and hard work of the team led by Stuart Leo

I dedicate this work to his mother and my sister, Mieke, a teacher extraordinaire

I thank my many great teachers that I remember well from school days: including Miss Pask, Mr Craig, Mr Kenny, Mr Parmenter and Mr Jamison

So very many inspiring other school teachers too, though contact was more fleeting

The work in producing Omega: the end of disease, is indebted to teachers, younger and older, including Ms Heidi Hammond, Mr Ken Silburn, Dr Kerrie Wiley and Sarah Kirkland

I have such fond memories of the Infectious Disease (ID) Expert Prof Richard Kemp who taught and inspired me to specialise in Infectious Disease prevention, and died himself of a deadly infection

Many colleagues have helped me greatly in my ID journey including Profs Kroll, Isaacs, Levin, Peckham, Tudor-Williams and Moxon

These lessons are “living” and regularly updated under the auspices of The Immunisation Coalition, Australia

Prof Robert Booy